I wonder how long have I been on blogger,3years or 4years I guess. This blog all started when I'm still in highshool,since all my friends are playing,I just join to blend in with them. Well,I'm actually too lazy to type so I guess I will just say what I'm focus on right now. After all this year of eating,I didn't do any exercise and gain too much weight. I'm 128kg right now,the highest weight I gain of my lifetime I guess. I need to change,so I'm starting to plan my food,eating less oily and no fried things.May be 2times a month?You can't possibly ask me to not eat at all. I'm running right now 3times per week also,and I will keep this up.My target is drop until normal BMI,and it's around 65kg. If I'm success on this,may be I will write another post,or may be not,I will not pray that I will success or not,but I'm continue doing this until I success. I will stop here today,even though I don't know will anybody read my blog,I will still keep this,as my memories of my old times. By the way,I just checked all my old friend's blog,and all of them have stopped too,I guess this happen all because of rise of the facebook hahaha. Good bye,let me mark this day as my start of my dieting,well,even though I have actually started 3weeks.

Go out yam cha with Loke and 'gou lou' again yesterday, this time ahwin them are not here but Jordan are here. Chat about cytus xD a game of music with them,it's really a fun game~ Well,learn somethings about them also,about Loke work and Jordan work. Chat with hoe yii this morning using whatsapp after he found out I got use that apps, well,chat about maple and the things of clothes about my friends sell. Hmmm,lazy to write more so I guess I will just stop here xD

Yesterday already not feeling too well,but it's still not very bad so I went to work, but as time goes,I feel worse and worse,and I hold on until left 1hour to finish working. At 3:50pm,That's not much people upstairs(I ask to switch upstairs with ah chong) so I went to sleep on the chair,but while Nicholas and Kar Ann come up and play, I wake up,at that time,I feel worse. . .feeling want to vomit and very dizzy. This continue for few minutes. . .So at that time I ask ah Chong to call Noname come up. But that time Noname was eating. . .so I wait for several minutes. While Noname come up it's 4:20pm,I ask him to give me go home because I can't hold on already. And I also ask to take off on tuesday and wednesday,he even give me suggestion that I can off 3days. Tuesday,Wednesday and Thursday,for Thursday off I can use next week off day. I said it's ok.I back home after that and then straight go to sleep. From 4:30pm sleep until the next day morning 8am+ Off course I did wake up in the night several times,but I just went back to sleep because I'm still not feeling too well. Today morning,I got headache,but I guess that's because sleeping too much,so I stay up, playing computer watching anime.As expected,my headache fade off. I'm still feeling headache and I cough very serious,but it's just after effect,It'll be better soon. Btw,I slept at 12:30pm,3pm and 4:30pm,each around 1hour to let my body rest. I just wash up my body using warm water,just wash up and clean it though. Now I guess I will be continue to watch anime.I hope I can cure by tomorrow, 1 of the customer from Survivor Net ask me to go and play on wednesday, I told him if I'm still sick I won't come out,actually I don't want to go right now because I'm sick. I want to fully recover on Thursday so that I can work normally without any problem. If after I start working and the sickness strike me again,it'll be very bad. In the end,I want to say that. . .I want to eat 'kong fu chao' ... Bad boy xD still sick and want to eat somethings that may be can make me worse~~haha~~

Well,it's just a start of new day today,but many things have change for my work. 1 of the Laser Net doesn't have enough people right now, that's why my place have take a person to work at there. Starting my supervisor plan on taking Zul to there, the 1 who ask to exchange shift with him, after that,the time should be change back to normal means I'm in the morning like normal, and for the shift of Zul,Kar Ann the junior cashier will be taking his place. But. . .Zul decline it saying he got many haters there. . . What you to do get them? That means another person need to go there, that's why~Chong need to go there now,not me though =p But,this means Zul still working at here, so he will be working morning,so I will be working Chong shift, which means 3pm~11pm and Kar Ann will be working Zul shift. Other 2 is as normal. Haiz. . .I not really like about this shift. . . I need to either wake up early to play or after work stay until late. I don't like to stay until too late means I need to play in the morning, but after play I need to start working,I doesn't like that too. Now I can only endure until puasa is end bah. By the way,I don't really like Zul,what I'm watching him that he want to change morning shift,is not really important for the way I see from him,I wonder did he really do business?Even may be it's,don't always late for work and lazy for everything, I'm feeling your attitude really suck you know!! End with LOL playing in the end today~bye~

Today,the area around my house have been in big trouble~~ No electric!! THE WHOLE AREA,include my working place. It's quite tired,I still need to go to work and wait for the power come back, in the mean time I need to do others things also. This happen around 4:45pm,and I guess because we need to do business, shop power are the fastest 1 to come back,it's fix around 6:30pm. And for my home,my brother say it's done around 9pm, and now it's not all of it fix,some place still doesn't have electric to use. Playing LOL recently,and starting to use twitter too. I'm rarely writing blog right now,twitter can write something short and easy to use, so I use it now~~ Starting to work 5pm~1am shift right now,the staff that original working this hour need to do business,so I will be working this shift until puasa end. And after puasa,all of the malay staff are taking their off day. The rules is 1 people 3days,that's why It's gonna have 12days OT >< Gonna play game soon,fast play fast finish fast back home and sleep =p bye~ Before that I guess I go see my friend's blog first,1week didn't check already, though I guess they don't know I still got check their blog =)

I make a mistake today at jalan kuching. . . Feeling very guilty about it.. . I hope I can see that people tomorrow, so that I can apologize,and return the RM1 to him. . . Really sry to you. . .foreigner. . . I'm working at Jalan kuching again tomorrow,haiz. . . The internet in my house is being cut,it's very not convenient about it, I need to get to cc to play the games I'm playing every morning now. Because I wake up early and play everyday just to do mission, Actually I can skip it,but.. .I quite like. . the card of girl in this game =p HAHAHAA,so,I won't be stopping so far. Another season of anime is coming out again,I have been so long didn't watch anime, I really need to chase up all the anime I'm miss,but I doesn't have the time >< Well,I'm just copying some LAN games for my brother to play at home, I have some time so I spend it on my blog,and it's done now. So~~I will be stopping here =) Update again next time,since I got some more things to write, I can't write it all now,my mom is worrying me for being late going back home =)

Going to work at Jln Kuching again today,haiz.. still hvt confirm me. . .4months already,this stupid cc, u are gonna lose all ur money,stupid boss.

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