Finish Muv-Luv Unlimited a few days ago,
but didn't come to write blog since i found that it have sequel.
The sequel is Muv-Luv Alternative.
In Muv-Luv Unlimited,it's having a very sad ending,
the humanity have lost to the alien-BETA,
only few hundred thousand human is been send to another star system.

In Muv-Luv Alternative,the protagonist,Takeru wake up at 1 day,
and find himself at the same situation as in Muv-Luv Unlimited,
the only difference was he now remember the event that will happen,include the humanity lost.
Takeru vow to himself he will surely save the humanity,
he will try to prevent the plan,Alternative 5 from activate by helping Yuuko to complete Alternative 4.
Alternative 5 is the latter plan if Alternative 4 fail,
the objective of Alternative 5 is send some of the human to another star system,
just as happen in Muv-Luv Unlimited.
For Alternative 4,the people who in charge is Yuuko,
the core of it is Kasami,a human that have ESP that can read others people mind,
but she is actually make like that in mind by human.
To prevent humanity lost and the tragedy of Alternative 5 activate,
Takeru try to change the future,by helping Yuuko to complete Alternative 4.

BTW,i found that beside Muv-Luv Alternative,after it have more fandisk,
the story of it i don't know,i only know have 2 of it,
and 1 of it is talking about the story of Muv-Luv,
it's about the life of Sumika and Takeru after Muv-Luv.

In Muv-Luv Alternative,the worst things happen is the dead of Marimo.
Though i haven't finish it,but i don't think will have anythings worse than it.
If normal dead is nvm,the dead of it is Marimo head being eat by the BETA,
and it even show the CG of it!!! It's really very disgusting.
I know it will happen since i saw others people comment about it before,
but it really is a shock while saw it,and it not even only show when Marimo dead,
sometimes the CG come back while Takeru remember it.
Hope it actually will be censored,H event have been censored but disgusting CG like that didn't = =
Here the CGs have been - point from my opinion. . .

For Muv-Luv Unlimited,my opinion are as below,
Scenario : A+
CGs : A
BGM : B+
OP & ED : A-
Heroine : A
Art : A-
Overall : A
The rating from my opinion is better than Muv-Luv,
though it have a sad ending,but sad ending like that quiet drawn player to it,
and i almost cry from it,but i didn't because i have watched many anime,
some of it are even sadder than this.


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